Siggy’s Good Food Sorta Gets Me in the Mood

When a restaurant compliments itself in their NAME, they’d better live up to it. You can’t make a claim like that if you actually suck. It’s like saying “Bob’s Best Burgers” and the burgers taste like dry corkboard (yes, I realize by nature corkboard is dry), or “Bueno Anti Pasti” and it’s not so bueno, after all.

Thankfully, that is not the case with Siggy’s. I’m glad they didn’t take advantage of their “good” name (get it?).

What I also appreciate about Siggy’s is that they strive to be organic as much as possible — but what’s strange is that they say the below on their website:

“WE USE ONLY CLEAN, PURE, ORGANIC products. If it is not USDA Certified Organic, you can be sure it is SIGGY’S Certified for Clean Pure and Real food.”

…which I really don’t get the meaning of. So not only already claim your food’s good, but now you make up your own certification? How presumptuous!

Just a note that this establishment is vegan-friendly: they do serve meat.


Siggy’s is the type of place you’d feel fine bringing either a date or a group of friends for a get-together. Warm, muted lighting, quirky alien-themed décor and wood furniture make it quite welcoming and puts me instantly at ease.

siggys good food nyc review_1730
At first, Siggy’s may seem like just a cafe, but there’s additional seating at the back.


Hanging bare light bulbs and quirky decor make for a homey feel.
Hanging bare light bulbs and quirky decor make for a homey feel.
siggys good food nyc review_1737
Refuel after an intergalactic day at work.

I also love the wall art in the bathroom. Nothing gets you pooping like readable decorations!

Hate them ninjas.
Hate them ninjas.
siggys good food nyc review_1725
Voltaire, x-ed out democracy, it’s all the same.
siggys good food nyc review_1723
Amen… unless “stuff” refers to “delicious food all day long”
Um, was someone only washing one hand? That's both difficult and ineffective~
Um, was someone only washing one hand? That’s both difficult and ineffective~

Service: Fair, but really, can't you do better?

Every server at Siggy’s is super friendly, helpful on menu suggestions and attentive. Plus, our waiter was absolutely adorable, which always helps. A little eye candy dessert during dinner is a welcome asset!

I did have to wait a half hour for my food to arrive after I got my smoothie, which was insane considering they weren’t that busy in the first place.

Spa Skin Secret Smoothie: Fair, but really, can't you do better?

I had a honey-less version of this yummy, refreshing smoothie that tasted a bit like a sorbet/milkshake hybrid. Not sure whether it actually helps with skin issues or not, but I did feel fuller and more satisfied till my food arrived a half hour later (insane wait, by the way).

siggys good food nyc review_1709
I found this smoothie sunnily thirst-quenching and creamy with coconut and mango.

Eggplant Veggie and Tofu Lasagna: Fair, but really, can't you do better?

Saucy, rich and filling — those are three appropriate adjectives to describe Siggy’s veggie lasagna. The plate comes completely covered with a rich, sweet tomato sauce, so I’d recommend getting some complimentary bread slices (that came with a dish of olive oil!) to soak up all that yummy goodness. The tofu ricotta is decently textured: not the most amazing ricotta, but pretty tasty. The eggplant lasagna layers didn’t overpoweringly taste like eggplant, and I barely noticed it didn’t have pasta in it.

Saucy and bossy!
Saucy and bossy!
Take a peek into my 'sagna!
Take a peek into my ‘sagna!

I did want to sprinkle vegan parm on my lasagna, but for some reason the waiter (not the cute one) told me they don’t have it, even though they had it the last time I came here. Lame!

One line rhyme-ary: Siggy’s “Good” Food put me in a good mood, though their organic criteria gave me diphtheria.

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